With more resources, and continuing to contribute international health authorities and the pharmaceutical industry, the world can build on these successful programs and achieve lasting impact in improving health in the developing world. The burden of neglected diseases is at least equivalent of malaria and TB and they affect the poorest billion euros. Professor Molyneux believes that if international medical community is not on the problems of the bottom billion , in such a very low cost with proven measures the chances of us to make an impact extremely most complex problems.. In adopting the Millennium Development Goals, already exists, committed to the fight against HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases .

Sanda reported on the PROSTQA which assessed QOL results for patients treated with RP, XRT and brachytherapy. Sexual, bowel and vitality data were collected and analyzed. The study was not randomized and the HRQOL was assessed within groups. Sexual function was most of RP patients, but it was better for nerve-sparing patients. Urinary domains fell most for RP, but recovered over time, although not to baseline values. Rectal domains were worst for XRT.Rural Americans Been five times a more often than city dwellers in emergency rooms ocular injuries in 2008 be treated, according to the newest Headlines and Numbers of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The federal authority stated that rural Americans 646 visitors hospital emergency room per 100,000 population in the year 2008 compared to 120 Visits by 100,000 people in through urban -. Human in the north east were the most frequently ocular injury in emergency rooms and those of the West see the less ..

– The common types of injuries injuries to tears of glands were , squashed eye socket and bruised eyelid .

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