The function that he plays on a daily basis directly correlates with the achievement of the numerous goals and endeavors of the AIUM. Of all the presidential awards bestowed to extraordinary and accomplished pioneers and members over the full years, this award ranks high up right now there among them. .. AIUM announces Presidential Acknowledgement Awards for exceptional services to ultrasound community Alfred Z. Abuhamad, MD, Immediate Past President of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medication , presented Presidential Recognition Awards to Marilyn Laughead, MD, and Carmine Valente, PhD, CAE, at the AIUM 2013 Annual Convention in NY, NY.Lieberman not to cut Medicare to cover health care reform. The :30 second TV ad shall run together with a :60 second ad that began airing on Wednesday. Start to see the ad at or the Connecticut :30 second version at> ‘Seniors have already lost their social protection COLA, now Senator Lieberman really wants to cut their Medicare, too? It might become Halloween, but let’s stop Fright Evening. Senator Lieberman should stand up to Senator Harry Reid and tell him ‘I won’t support any bill which cuts Medicare,” said Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus. Titled ‘Enough’ the advertisement highlights seniors speaking in their own terms to the actual fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid desire to cut up to $500 billion from Medicare. This could mean life-saving drugs could be withheld and seniors can also be prevented from viewing their own doctors.