If the rules of behavior of can change public, it is possible that these changes could have either positive or negative, according to the authors, in 2000, the proposed Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee actually that the lower fat. Advise diet recommendation in 1995, may be unwise, and indeed indeed. This committee was concerned, The current priority of a lowfat taking ‘ lead people to believe that as long as fat intake is low, the diet is completely healthy Lue lisää . This believe could be an increase in consumption of total calories in the form of carbohydrates produce, metabolic consequences of high carbohydrate diets. The Committee also noted that an increasing prevalence of obesity in the U.S. Has roughly corresponded to an absolute increase in carbohydrate consumption. .

But what surprised Fox and his team more more that the obesity side effect strictly been limited to male mice.’We do not know if the increase in weight to testosterone or other hormones were related, but we are trying to figure out why women were not affected,’said Fox.

, such as those arm and hand moves and that senses like a man, and with a human-inspired electronic brain controlling.

Researchers at the DLR have the same approach. Which artificial arm she constructed and have then experiments by 58 motors uses in pairs opposite each other connected to non-linear spring in order to control the arm.