– identify and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, services, and education programs, the current recommendation for treatment and therapies to improvements in glycemic control in patients with type 1 and type – 2 diabetes complement.

Fritz Derrer, Varian’s regional sales manager, said: The team at Netcare Unitas RapidArc was only a few weeks after the first introduction of conventional IMRT, the proof of the ability of the team and the usability of the system is to be introduced together with our local representative Tecmed Africa, we are honored to work with this pioneering hospital advanced techniques advanced techniques for the benefit of cancer patients in South Africa. .University Hospital Concerted effort is required reduce by Suicide, Ireland.

Reduction in in the suicide rate mean a collective, concerted effort of all the groups of in society, new Minister say for Health with responsibility for Disability and Mental Health, Jimmy Devins.

The Minister praised every in the organization the international workshops and of Town Hall Meeting and even those who involved to the prevention of suicide and research.