Most are clustered in urban centers like NEW YORK, Washington and Chicago, D.C. Officials estimate that 80 % of individuals returning from travel in West Africa, where Ebola can be widespread, live within 200 miles of 1 of the specified hospitals. The list was released after officials spent more than a month evaluating hospitals that could serve as referral centers for fresh Ebola cases that might happen. The 35 hospitals were deemed to have the staff, equipment and training to treatment effectively for Ebola patients safely and. Additional hospitals in other areas of the national country are expected to be added in the coming weeks. Ebola in the U.S.: Who pays the expenses?Four Ebola instances have been diagnosed in the United States. The first individual, Thomas Eric Duncan, in October was infected in Liberia and died at a Dallas hospital.Lead researcher Dr. Emelie Benyi is certainly from the Karolinska Institute in Solna, Sweden. In a information release from the endocrinology society, she said, To your knowledge, this is the largest study performed on linkage between height and cancer including men and women. Benyi stressed that these findings do not imply that every tall man or women will establish cancer. As the cause of malignancy is multifactorial, it is hard to predict what impact our results have on cancers risk at the individual level, she said. The researchers are planning another scholarly study to see if height affects the risk of dying from cancer. Our studies show that taller folks are more likely to build up cancer, nonetheless it is unclear up to now if they likewise have a higher risk of dying from cancer or have an increased mortality overall, Benyi said..