Country specific information is obtainable right here – update 49, 6/15). The U.S. And various other developed countries ought to be doing more to contain and stop the spread of the H1N1 virus into developing countries, such as ramping up the screening of individuals leaving affected nations, Indian health officials said Monday during a global forum, according to the Times of India reports. We have up to now 30 situations [of H1N1 flu] which were laboratory confirmed, said Naresh Dayal, medical secretary of India. Out of these, 28 are those that came from infected countries in the West. The US is the main supply so far as India can be involved. In Mexico, when people leave the airport, they are properly monitored and screened.Doctors will be motivated to give one type of drug over another as their digital records spawn incentives. Insurance firms shall have info to deny insurance to certain individuals. There may be an advantage to consumers, but not probably. For more information, go to.. 10 brands of baby wipes recalled because of pneumonia-causing bacteria contamination 10 brands of baby wipes made by the Pennsylvania-based Nutek Disposables, Inc., were recalled on October 25, 2014, following issues of foul smell and discoloration.