A cure for Hepatitis C using existing treatments Researchers in the United States say they can see that folks infected with hepatitis C could be cured with existing treatments. Hepatitis C is contracted through infected blood usually; it can cause cirrhosis, liver failure or cancers but if diagnosed early treatment is effective usually; however many folks are unaware the infection has been carried by them in fact it is often discovered almost by accident. Improved testing methods have meant that during the last ten years the amount of people diagnosed with hepatitis C has increased dramatically.Personal privacy of our donors is very important to us. All donor details will be kept personal, except in circumstances where the player or family requests release of their name.. Age, competition and sex may predict risk factor reduction in patients with coronary heart disease Risk factor modification efforts may help reduce the chance of another heart attack and loss of life among the more than 15 million Americans with cardiovascular system disease. Yet some patients-especially females and minorities-leave a healthcare facility with badly managed risk factors. An article in Journal of Ladies's Health, a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, evaluates cardiac risk factors and administration strategies by age, sex, and competition among 2,369 patients hospitalized for severe myocardial infarction.