This hereditary disorder, that can also affect the areas of the body aside from the face, most commonly afflicts adults between the ages of 30 and 65. However, there have been cases reported of the problem affecting children as well. Women and people with fair or light colored skin seem to be the most prone to acquiring rosacea. Some famous rosacea victims include former president Bill Clinton and W.C. Fields. There are four stages of rosacea basically, pre-rosacea, gentle, moderate, and severe rosacea. The condition can progress over time from one stage to the next, beginning with the regular dilation of the arteries in the true face, eventually leading to structural damage and vascular hyper-responsiveness.‘Presently, FDA-approved stroke interventions need to be administered within a couple of hours of the function, which limitations therapy to an extremely small minority of people who suffer a stroke. A therapy that could promote useful recovery from stroke with a longer period windows to initiate treatment would signify an important advance in care,’ stated Anthony Caggiano, Acorda’s Vice President of Preclinical Advancement. ‘GGF2 is a neurorestorative agent that is thought to sort out a novel mechanism involving repair of injury in both the nervous and cardiovascular systems.