In addition, government intervention to spread contributing to HIV in Russia, says officialThe number of registered HIV cases in Russia by 10 percent increases annually despite increased federal funding for HIV / AIDS efforts, Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the government-funded Federal AIDS Center , said on Friday, the AP / reports. According to Pokrovsky, Russia’s rising HIV prevalence is probably from the government to focus on HIV / AIDS treatment rather than of prevention.

Those administered androgen deprivation therapy were subject to a 57 % increase in the risk of multiple fractures after the first two years of treatment. Men 75 and older who received androgen deprivation, have a fracture risk 3.6 times of the men aged 66 to 74 years, connected androgen deprivation for less than two years. The authors say it is the key to independent risk factors for fracture, such as age, stroke, with two or more diseases at the same time, and history history of fractures. As the long-term androgen deprivation therapy has become more common in men with prostate cancer, it is wise to further explore common side effects during chronic treatment, including fractures, said lead author Yu – Hsuan Shao, research scientist at CINJ.Prof. Bachrach, since more than for more than 60 years as a professor of microbiology at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine from its inception was born in Germany 1926 and immigrated to Israel, where it earned his Ph.D. Of the Hebrew University. He has served over his career as a guest professor or researchers at universities in the U.S., Italy and Ethiopia and got an honorary degree from the University of in Bologna in 1995.

Prof. Bachrach is an organizer the 11 International conference on the Polyamines, cancer and other diseases which. This week in Tivoli, Italy.