For In collaboration with Dr Erektil Dysfunktion . John McCarrey, professor molecular biology and reproductive biology at the University of Texas, San Antonio, Yan research group further known known X-linked microRNAs. Their data confirm that these X chromosome-derived microRNAs indeed escape the silencing effects and mange be expressed. – this finding opens a new way for understanding the role of these small RNA species in the control of sperm production Worldwide, an infertility is on the other side in nine couples in their reproductive years experience the number of unwanted pregnancies. Increased every year. These small RNAs these small RNAs are involved in the control of sperm formation, they can be causative factors in male infertility and can be used as non-hormonal male contraceptive targets are used, added Yan.

Using an animal model of skin infection with the cold sore virus researchers showed for the first time that a particular type of dendritic cells, which was to trigger the immune response, these cells. Do this by virus particles to killer T cells, the address a cascade of immune responses to infection triggers.

If Krebs it is metastases, of morbidity and mortality resulting, says Dr. David Lyden, co-author an article the April 2009 edition of Nature Reviews Cancer. – In our laboratory we have to develop a strategic approach to the study metastases Our goal is to eventually be able to forecast and pre-empt the process. If possible pre – even in advanced metastasis, adds Dr. Which Stavros S. Niarchos an Associate Professor to Pediatric Cardiology, an investigator in the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, and Associate Professor of Cellular and Developmental biological at Weill Cornell Medical College.

The European Council out of Optometry & Optics suggest that any sector the people should have regularly eye tests. Many European countries have social security systems for the purchase of provide assistance for the purchase of spectacles or vision screenings of the economic necessity. 87:431-437.