Gregory G. Schwartz, M.D cures for ed ., Ph.D., Anders G. Olsson, M.D., Ph.D., Markus Abt, Ph.D., Christie M. Ballantyne, M.D., Philip J. Barter, M.D., Ph.D., Jochen Brumm, Ph.D., Bernard R. Chaitman, M.D., Ingar M. Holme, Ph.D., David Kallend, M.B., B.S., Lawrence A. Leiter, M.D., Eran Leitersdorf, M.D., John J.V. McMurray, M.D., Hardi Mundl, M.D., Stephen J. Nicholls, M.B., B.S., Ph.D., Prediman K. Shah, M.D., Jean-Claude Tardif, M.D., and R. Scott Wright, M.D. For the dal-OUTCOMES Investigators: Effects of Dalcetrapib in Patients with a Recent Acute Coronary Syndrome High-density lipoproteins take part in the procedure of cellular cholesterol efflux and could have additional protective effects against atherothrombosis.1 An inverse association between levels of HDL cholesterol and incident events of coronary heart disease has been shown in observational studies2,3 and persists generally in most post hoc analyses and meta-analyses of trials of statin therapy for individuals with cardiovascular risk factors, chronic coronary disease, or recent acute coronary syndrome.4-10 However, it remains uncertain whether pharmacologic intervention that raises HDL cholesterol levels results in decreased cardiovascular risk.11-16 Moreover, changes in HDL cholesterol levels may not reflect changes in the physiologic functions of HDLs.17 Cholesteryl ester transfer proteins mediates the transfer of cholesteryl ester from HDLs to atherogenic lipoprotein particles containing apolipoprotein B, such as for example low-density lipoprotein .

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