The Newcomb Cleveland Prize, supported by The Fodor Family members Trust now, is the oldest AAAS award, established in 1923 with money donated by philanthropist Newcomb Cleveland of New York City. Each recipient receives a bronze medal and a talk about of a $25,000 prize. Dr. Emmons shall share the prize with co-authors, Travis Jarrell and Yi Wang, Ph.D., who served as business lead authors. Adam E. Bloniarz, Christopher Brittin, Meng Xu, and David Hall, Ph.D., all at Einstein, and J. Nichol Thomson and Donna Albertson, Ph.D., at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge formerly, England, also contributed to the paper.‘The study was conducted in 2012, however the results were only presented on Fri at an annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Chicago,’ ABC News reported. ‘It really is conducted every two years and will also be included in a National Technology Foundation are accountable to President Obama and lawmakers.’ The survey was component of a report called ‘Research and Engineering Indicators,’ which the NSF provides to the Executive Branch also to Congress. The business lead writer for the chapter in the survey within the public’s perception of research, John Besley, an associate professor in MSU’s Section of Advertising and Public Relations, said: ‘It’s important for Americans to maintain a higher regard for technology and scientists.