.. Embossed genes are genes turned on turned on, or expression , depending on whether they are the the mother or fatherwrite the researchers Our results are consistent with models of gender-specific selection of reproductive strategies, eg male individuals maximizing fitness by an intense investment in reproduction by a larger body size to more breeding opportunities is based to achieve what? to shorter longevity Unlike females generally not on in such costly male behaviors and instead tend to their reproductive output by energy conservation optimize delivery, providing for offspring, foraging and predator avoidance. Our results further suggested gender differences in longevity originating at the genome level, which means that the sperm genome has a detrimental effect on lifespan in mammals.

They believe that the reason for the difference in life expectancy to an to an associated gene on chromosome 9 with postnatal growth. Prof Kono said: ‘We have known for some time that women live longer prone than men in almost all countries of the world to, and that these sex differences in life expectancy are also used in many other mammals, however, the reason for. This difference was unclear and, in particular , it was not known whether longevity in mammals is controlled by the genome composition of only one or both parents.In this setting – the initiated U.S. Pivotal Phase III POSIDUR Clinical Research.

DURECT Corporation announced that it has began evaluate doses patients in the U.S. Pivotal Phase III clinical study the POSIDUR , a drug for treating postoperative pain. The pivotal study included that has called the BESST is an international, multicenter, randomized, double – blind, controlled trial to evaluate the safety, efficacy, effectiveness and pharmacokinetic POSIDUR in patients with common surgical procedure. We are expecting take about of 300 patients at 20 centers across the study.

POSIDUR, TRANSDUR and Eladur be trademarks of DURECT Corp. Uncertainties include, but refer trademarks are property of of their respective holders. REMOXY is POSIDUR, Eladur and TRANSDUR – sufentanil product candidates in developing and not yet been approved to market by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or of other health officials.