Pores and skin biopsy showed a nodule composed of atypical melanocytes associated with peripheral intraepidermal expansion. Melanin stain highlighted the peripheral hyperpigmentation seen and under the dermatoscope clinically. No other lesions were entirely on careful medical review, but subsequently further metastases developed.. A pale papule with a pigmented ring The diagnosis of pigmented lesions is a daily challenge generally practice. Case presentation A 48-year-old guy noted the recent development of a 3 mm diameter pale papule with a pigmented band over his remaining upper chest. Eighteen months previously, he previously had a 5.6 mm thick amelanotic melanoma removed from the back of his scalp, and had deep wide excision of the site subsequently, accompanied by lymph node dissection and radiotherapy.Future studies elucidating long-term outcomes will demand a control group of patients with alcoholism undergoing transplantation after abstaining from alcohol for a 6-month period who are matched to individuals based on social and familial features. Previous studies of individuals with alcoholism who underwent transplantation suggest that the rate of relapse over the future may be around 25 to 35 percent.10,12,13 Finally, reproducibility of the selection process needs to be attempted. In summary, early liver transplantation could be an appropriate rescue option for selected individuals whose first episode of severe alcoholic hepatitis is not responsive to medical therapy, after careful evaluation of their addiction profile. Our encouraging results should be verified by other groups..