Professor B? ller said. In the last decade, Professor a significant change a major shift serial diagnosed in the treatment of patients with blood clots. Approximately 90 percent of patients outside the hospital through the development of simple self-management modes drug delivery rather than 10-14 days of hospitalization where treatment was administered intravenously be treated.. DVT is only one form of blood clot, pulmonary embolism, other with a blood clot in the lungs suppressed. Blood clots affect 2-4 in 1000 people each year. Blood clots can be caused by immobilization of long flights and after surgery, chemo / radiotherapy, the birth, and estrogen contained in birth control pills.

Ller of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam together with Professor Frits Rosendaal of in Leiden University Medical Center, directed the study in collaboration with many scientists, including colleagues from Australia?. Researchers believe that the findings strengthen the links between the social and lifestyle factors associated with increased risk of various cancers.The researchers examined cancer rates in British white and British Indian population in Leicester zwischen 2001 and 2006. Then interest rates in India were compared.

The study plans to include 30,000 employees worldwide and contribute to significant advances in understanding travel related DVT and its prevention.Professor Harry B.The GFT505 action mechanism resolves PPAR nuclear receptor. Obesity, furnished with an entirely new profile: it is is a pan – SPPARM with a preferred activities in a PPAR alpha. Four molecules in Phase II : 2 proprietary products of and 2 molecule in the partnerships with Sanofi-Aventis . In addition, another molecule of at partnership with Sanofi-Aventis completes phase I trial.