Disparity Increases in life expectancy of Higher, Lower-Income U.S. Residents, Study FindsDisparity for racial, ethnic minorities, the study also shows the gap in life expectancy between whites and racial and ethnic minorities highlighted. According to the study, the greatest disparity occurred in the life expectancy of white women and black men. The highest-income white women in 2000 lived an average of 81, compared with 66.9 years for black men, a 14-year difference, the study found (Pear, New York Times.

From 1998 to 2000, higher-income residents can live an average of live an average of 79.2 years compared with 74.7 years for lower income residents, a difference of 4.5 years, the study found. The study also found socioeconomic disparities ghest-income residents in 1980 lived lowest income lowest income residents in 2000. – Researchers attributed in part in part:.

In both SORT OUT III and the Western Denmark Heart Registry CYPHE the stent was associated with significantly lower rates of stent thrombosis and revascularization than Endeavo stent connected.. The study found that that although life expectancy has increased for all residents in the two decades, higher income residents experienced a larger increase than lower income population.The survey was commissioned by Braun Research, made in September – October 2006. 4 % – totaling 500 interviews were performed among a nationally representative sample of African-Americans adult of 18 years and age with an margin of error+ /.

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