To find out more on ASHP Certification Resources, head to PRESS RELEASE The Board of Pharmacy Specialties has called ASHP as a professional development program service provider for a seven-year cycle that begins January 1, 2016. ASHP will offer review classes and recertification resources for five specialty areas: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy , Critical Treatment Pharmacy, Pediatric Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy , and Pharmacotherapy. With the help of BPS certifications in Pediatrics and Important Care Pharmacy, ASHP is normally pleased to be able to increase our suite of top-quality BPS certification and recertification offerings, said ASHP CEO Paul W. Abramowitz, Pharm.D., Sc.D. , FASHP. ASHP was an early on innovator in the conceptualization and advancement of medical pharmacy and specialization, and it is wonderful in order to help this primary and developing segment of our membership prepare to take on expanded patient care functions.Fighting acne is not an easy thing to do but with a bit of close attention to detail you can get an upper hand on winning this battle. After you have followed all the steps to clean your face ensure that you allow that person to completely dry for at least a quarter-hour before you apply any acne medication or facial moisturizers. Acne is a medical condition that drives many mad, not to mention the money spent each full year on acne remedies and cures.