The state Xinhua News Agency says 120 sufferers who received treatment at the clinic in Liaoning province were traced and screened for the disease and 95 of those are suspected to have been contaminated with hepatitis C. It said Tuesday that regional authorities had been tipped off that sufferers who had received vari-cose vein treatment could possibly be infected. It says the entire case is being investigated. The hepatitis C virus causes a liver disease that may range between a mild illness enduring a couple weeks to a serious, lifelong condition that can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer.It was developed to assess GM contamination because, despite the fact that it could occur through the shortcoming to control released organisms, no global monitoring program was in place truly. Its creation acts to act as eye-opening, public-gain access to documentation that sheds light about what GMO corporations would rather shy away from, and includes more than just contamination data also; unlawful plantings of GM crops as well as their detrimental results on agriculture are also documented. Recently, information from the aforementioned 16-plus year timeframe were analyzed, its startling findings published in the International Journal of Food Contamination.