‘With catheters, you do not have to place the patient on a heart-lung machine or cut open the chest and heart. But in comparison with open-heart surgery is limited actually do actually do with a catheter. Open-heart to integrate the best of both approaches. We want to produce instruments that are as minimally invasive as catheters, but what to offer the precision and control of open-heart surgery. ‘.. Chest and heart. Invasive Cardiac Surgery ResearchThe efforts to have open-heart surgery is a minimally invasive method deserves a five-year $ 5,000 National Institutes of Health Bioengineering Research Partnership Award. Professor Pierre Dupont of the Boston University College of Engineering, cardiac surgeon Pedro del Nido, at Children’s Hospital Boston / Harvard Medical School, and microdevice manufacturer Microfabrica Inc.

A layer of a a layer of a bio-inspired adhesive containing the steel, then four alternating layers of a negatively charged polymer and polymer-containing positively charged micelles silver-based particles that are highly bactericidal. The process takes only 10 minutes and uses water instead of potentially toxic substances. ‘This new type of water – based approach is convenient, easy and attractive for industrial applications,’the researchers say.

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