Not enough evidence was found to show if medical marijuana is effective in treating motor complications in Huntington's disease, tics in Tourette syndrome, cervical dystonia and seizures in epilepsy. ‘This review by the globe's largest association for neurologists is supposed to help neurologists and their patients understand the existing analysis on medical marijuana for the treatment of certain brain diseases,’ said review author Barbara S.The same is applicable in case of cosmetic surgery. Frequently it happens that the teeth growth is so that it needs to be uprooted and changed with a new tooth where you have to undergo cosmetic surgery for the overall improvement and hence Affordable Plastic Surgery acts as a boon in these situations. As the red tape of bureaucracy is not applicable outside one’s country, hence the doctors can practise this trade with extremely less governmental intervention. But then there is a very important factor you need to remember. If anything goes wrong in any of these operations one cannot vacation resort to legal recourse.