As a result of of these campaigns, as well as improvements in routine immunization activities, global measles deaths have decreased by 48 % from 871,000 in 1999 to an estimated 454,000 in 2004. The greatest reduction occurred in Africa, the region with the highest burden of disease, where estimated measles cases and deaths dropped by 60 %.. The initiative will continue treated for the implementation of integrated campaigns in which health workers provide not only measles vaccines, but also other interventions such as insecticide mosquito nets for malaria prevention, vitamin A, de-worming medication and polio vaccines. Latter Day Saints 2001, the Measles Initiative has mobilized more than $ 200 million and supported more than 40 African countries and three Asian countries to implement high-quality measles vaccination campaigns.

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Mainly due to technical and financial support of the Measles Initiative and the commitment of African governments, more than 200 million children against measles and saved an estimated 1.2 million lives since 2001. Building on this success in 2005, the Initiative has expanded its technical and financial support to countries in Asia, where total measles deaths are highest outside of sub-Saharan Africa.Currently medication targeted critical the steps of virus lifecycle of. For instance, protease inhibitor block of proteins divisions which produce viral components – one of them the protein is CA.

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