In a stay in hospital The new treatment also limits radiation exposure to the rest of the patient’s skin and other organs, preventing further tissue damage. However, there are only a few centers across Europe, the implementation of intra-operative radiotherapy and many patients can not benefit from these advances. Patients are still long waiting times and have long and tiring distances to radiotherapy centers to travel.. Physicians and patients fear that women across Europe are not always timely access to new drugs and devices that could cause prolonged their survival and well-being. Recent advances in intra-operative radiation therapy and reconstructive surgery had been made available to the chest quickly has on women in the United States, but also more relevant to the clinical trial is almost impossible for their European counterparts.

These studies over 11,000 more than 11,000 initial results were first results were recently reported Importantly, these trials had different designs, looked at the trastuzumab question from different angles: the HERA study was a purely sequential study with trastuzumab for 1 or 2 years after the chemotherapy of choice given to the B-31 and N9831 trials, anthracycline and taxane-based and included with an arm concomitant administration of a taxane and trastuzumab.

What is the optimal schedule for treatment with trastuzumab: it should or or after chemotherapy? What is the nature and reversibility of cardiac dysfunction? Previous data provides reassuring information on the recovery and control of symptomatic heart failure in the majority of patients, although longer follow-up is required.The patient-based diagnostic accuracy of the combined CTA and CTP for detecting and the exclusion flow-limiting CAD not tale out of CAD were 0 when the ICA stenosis of the reference standard had= 50 percent. CTP increase the diagnostic accuracy of CTA only demarcate flow-limiting diseases (AUC: 0, p.. Multi-center study multi-center study confirms the efficacy of CT angiographic and myocardial perfusion COMBINATION USED 320-DETECTOR ROW presented to CT results the CORE320 trial on the ESC – three hundred eighty-one patients completed all of resonance imaging and To the primary analysis.

The main results of the first international multi-center study to assess diagnostic output said combined CTA and CTP compared with conventional assessing the fluid -limiting stenosis of by SPECT – Max Planck Institute and invasive coronary angiography . 320 – sponsored from Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation CORE320 during the ESC to Sales session of Dr. Joao AC hotels in Lima, senior author presented which lead investigator and Professor medicine and radiology at Johns Hopkins.