When you study online, it can be easy to copy and paste text message, then forget to cite the foundation or go back and put the idea in your own words afterwards. Just like teachers can acknowledge your tone of voice in class, most can recognize your tone of voice in your composing. Actually accidental plagiarism can possess serious implications for your grades — so don’t take a chance. Identify the written text you’ve quoted and add the citation before moving on to the rest of your paper.. 5 Methods to Make Online Research Easier 5 Ways to Make Online Research Easier Going online to accomplish research if you are writing papers and carrying out projects is certainly a no-brainer. But all the choices close at hand can seem overwhelming sometimes.Eat fruits and vegetables and wholegrains to provide your body the energy it needs and combat chronic exhaustion. Sun Ssu-mo, the Tang Dynasty Taoist physician who diagnosed and cured the nutritional-insufficiency disease beriberi 1 correctly,300 years ago, a full millennium before European doctors do in 1642, wrote in Precious Recipes: ‘A truly good physician first realizes the cause of illness, and having discovered that, he tries to remedy it by meals first. Only when meals fails does he prescribe medicine.’ 4. Proper Exercise: ‘The Tao of nurturing existence requires that one keep oneself as fluid and flexible as possible.