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There is no treatment for NAFLD, may determine except lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, and only a liver biopsy, as is NAFLD seriously says she hopes new methods are developed that are easier to identify more advanced stages of NAFLD, the innocent may not work. However, she says, her research suggests that it is not with respect to the long-term survival of humans alcoholic fatty liver disease alcoholic fatty liver disease, ‘it may not matter if you have the disease or not. ‘.Public plan: American Public Media Marketplace Morning Report on Tuesday reported to confusion about work as a public health insurance Displaying and would free how many to would (hen, Marketplace Morning Report, American Public Media, Reproduced with permission from you can see the entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage looking in the archives of , or sign up for mail delivery at Emperor Daily Health policy coverage is to kaiser network. A free service of of The Henry J. Kaiser Family endowment releases.

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