The unrestricted award presented with an IOF member society every two years. The award supports and recognizes the efforts of a relatively ‘young’ and growing company which has been carrying out exceptional and creative awareness campaigns, and ultimately prevention and knowledge of osteoporosis among the public and health professionals, while working to improve the care of patients at the national level. Since its founding in 2002, the AFI to a strong organization which has grown many effective information campaigns and far reaching advocacy initiatives under the slogan Bone Health – a right, Realize it . AFI Chairman Dr Sushil Sharma said: In its endeavor information about information about osteoporosis and bone health to the common people, AFI is creating various communication programs and we are confident that people these programs of these programs and, ultimately, our goal, total bone health.

Although it is well established that chronic somatic diseases a wide range of a wide range of psychopathology, it patients patients with chronic medical diseases associated with increased risk for mental disorders. This epidemiological study examined age and sex 12 months prevalence of mental disorders in patients with cancer, and musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, are based on comprehensive medical diagnoses and physically healthy volunteers. Prevalence rates were large epidemiological studies large epidemiological studies.. These studies patients examined stationary and patients from the general population for cancer and musculoskeletal , cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and healthy controls and patients from the general population for patients with chronic somatic diseases significantly increases.In the USA for exceptional performance within research on mental health problems by NARSAD Announced.

Prices is presented on the 21st annual New York NARSAD Gala on Friday, October at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan , the event is even in honor Herbert Pardes, president and CEO of New York.-Presbyterian Hospital serving served as Chairman of NARSAD scientific advice since its creation in 1986.

CytoCore Inc. , the biopharmaceutical research and medical device company for early detection and treatment of reproductive tract cancer , today announced its initial appointment and delivery of relief softPAP cell collector Palex Medical SA. CytoCore Inc.