Plus they have a major impact on quality of lifestyle. We want to help make people better because power is this essential predictor of how well people perform, if they have heart failing, cancer or other conditions. In general, physically better people live longer.’ The researchers estimated the benefits of the beet juice health supplement by comparing its effects to the results of a fitness regimen. ‘I have compared the beet-juice effect to Popeye taking in his spinach,’ said the study’s corresponding author, Andrew R. Coggan, assistant professor of radiology, in the university news release.The study group examined how well 123 radiologists interpreted nearly 36,000 diagnostic mammograms carried out to evaluate breast complications, such as lumps, from 1996 through 2003 at 72 U.S. Services, including six from Group Health, that contribute data to the Breast Cancers Surveillance Consortium. For different radiologists, sensitivity ranged from 27 % to completely; and false-positives, from 0 to 16 %. These differences were just partially explained by the features of the patients and the knowledge of the radiologists. The radiologists who read diagnostic mammograms most accurately tended to become those that were based at educational medical centers or spent at least 20 % of their time on breasts imaging.