AACN Practice Alert outlines evidence-based protocols linked to bathing adult patients The long-held tradition of utilizing a basin, water and soap to bathe bed-bound hospitalized patients is no longer the recommended standard of practice, based on the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses . A fresh AACN Practice Alert R outlines up to date, evidence-based protocols linked to bathing adult patients. Generally in most acute care services, bed-bound patients unable to provide self-treatment are bathed by nursing staff using a basin of warm plain tap water, soap and washcloths ViagraDanmark.org . This traditional approach to bathing can lead to significant variation from caregiver to caregiver, dry pores and skin on patients and exposure to bacteria excessively, increasing the chance of healthcare-associated infection.

Cherry: What’s the reason for that? Is it too high risk? David: And it’s too much time term. But what occurred to us was very fortunate. An ‘angel’ trader heard about the program and offered to help us. He offered us the amount of money to develop our method of the point where we could take it into clinical trials. David: Yes, we’d an extremely great Geoff and conversation got very worked up about what we’d discovered. I’m sure his enthusiasm helped convey the importance of this work. So the business angel offered enough funds for us to build up the vaccine and do what is called ‘tox tests’ to prove it’s safe. You have to prove that the vaccine isn’t toxic in animals by giving them doses 500 times greater than you would give human beings. When this proved effective we were prepared to take it to clinical trials, but we faced another funding hurdle then.