TransSend v5.5 was created specifically to meet up the needs of HIPAA 5010 and healthcare organizations with a solution to achieve a successful compliance technique, which our current install base of over 16 customers can verify,’ noted Richard Howe, CEO of AXIOM.’.. AXIOM releases HIPAA 5010 compliant version of TransSend AXIOM Systems, Inc. , today announced the overall discharge of its HIPAA 5010 compliant version of TransSend, a software program developed for healthcare businesses engaged in HIPAA EDI commerce specifically.For example, the 50 Female Herbal products panel contains items that are commonly used to take care of the symptoms of menopause. According to the Nourishment Business Journal, supplement sales were over $25 billion in 2008, which is strong evidence that there is an evergrowing shift towards using organic, natural treatments. ‘The body can handle only so much toxicity,’ continued Deutsch. ‘Whether the body just isn’t appropriate for an item or it evolves a sensitivity over time, it is so important to eliminate the items from your own body that are leading to these inflammatory reactions.’..