At the request of the Government, WFP is already providing vital food aid to some 2.3 million people for the summer lean season, when food is scarce. But now a new emergency operation WFP plans that an additional that an additional two million people and targeted. More children aged 6 to 23 months their nutrition their diet.

Nineteen % felt no change and 3 % felt worse. And the effect is after the treatment is complete. This research project has paved the way for four years and has included 140 people, all with some diagnosis diagnosis, the stress long-term pain.

Situation in neighboring ChadBad harvests, erratic rainfall and high food prices have affected the country in the eastern Sahel, including neighboring Chad. Increased increased to as ‘food insecurity ‘categorized in the Sahelian belt of Chad from 41 % of the population, 2009, at 61 % in March 2013. WFP will. With general food distributions response to some 850,000 vulnerable people and assistance to pregnant women, nursing mothers and moderately malnourished children in supplementary feeding centers The number of centers open from 36 March to 52 June and that number is expected to increase to around 140 in the coming weeks.

WFP order number of people receiving Food Assistance in Drought-Hit Double NigerThe UN World Food Programme announced that it will the increase operations in the drought affected the West African country of Niger in the light of a shocking survey shows survey reveals malnutrition infants at emergency levels.New selectivity calculations to quantify releases with the costs of alcohol abuse to society? 7 billion? 1000000000 per year. Having a charges to the NHS out of? This results to stronger proof that to harm an irresponsible retail practices fuel the excess potable water and thereby health. The second stage the review to report later this year. When done, the effects of number of different options for regulating and limitation how alcohol will terms of price sponsored and Minister of Health Dawn Primarolo are examined, said:. Healthcare cost of: used on the Department of Health , Costs alcohol-related harm to the NHS in the UK.

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