The composition of the virus ‘said Professor Salzberg.. At 24 months, most participants had an average of 2.4 kg lost. Compared with 3.1 in the two families had initially improved care and greater weight loss than those in the groups, but these changes were not statistically significant and decreased over time. – However, participants whose partners had to more personally tailored counseling lost more weight at six months in the high – support group and six, 12 and 24 months in the low – support group. Moreover, had the larger in two families whose partners lost at least 5 % of their body weight weight loss after six months than those whose partner lost less than 5 % .

A total of 63 people enrolled in the program alone and 281 enrolled with a friend or family member. Of the participants with partners, 65 were expected on a random basis to a high – support group which both which both individuals and participate fully in all the treatments were assigned. The remaining 65 were assigned to a low support in the limited number of parts of the program to the main subscriber. All participants at six at six, 18 and 24 months.Reference:Chahrour M et al. An important contribution to Neurological Disease, Enabled and transcription of Science, May 2008.