Healthcare-obtained infections are a growing global concern. ASP can be proud to offer patients who need medical center care greater reassurance, knowing their room has the added infection protection benefit of this advanced and automated disinfection technology. Never has the need been better for novel area decontamination technologies with healthcare-acquired infection prices rising across the globe. Healthcare-acquired infections are in unacceptable prices with an incidence of 4.5 % of hospital admissions in the U.S. And Western European countries and as high as 15 % in emerging markets.What this allows the researchers to accomplish effectively, is to scan up to potentially a large number of whole mount sections per brain. How high may be the resolution and what other benefits does the tool provide? The magnification is certainly 40x. The tiniest feature size is 0.25 microns. From my experience and the knowledge of our customers, that is plenty of resolution. Typically, even 10x is more than enough and 20x is a lot more than adequate certainly. What we provide to the table is a complete lot of flexibility. For example, there might be some researchers in neuroscience that are interested in scanning mouse brains, primate brains or post-mortem individual brains perhaps. With our program, they can go from one type of research to the next without having to be hindered by how big is the slide.