‘One result was that we surprised that leptin was acting only in the PMV sufficient puberty puberty and improve fertility at women but not in men, Elias said. ‘We are now trying to understand what ‘s going on with males and whether leptin acts in different brain regions sides puberty and fertility in men cause. ‘.

The first Study Finds TV Ratings For Kids ‘ shows do not reflect aggressive contentA new study by psychologists at Iowa State University and Linfield College has found that TV ratings do not exactly found the aggressive content in shows popular among children – even cartoons.

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Ladder, of Navarra, a product for the detection and characterization of by brucellosis Develops.

Ignacio Lopez – Goni and David Garcia, a researcher the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology University of Navarra, have launched a new product for the detection and characterization of Brucella bacteria the causative agent for brucellosis, and known as Mediterranean fever. Your product is a commercial analytical kit, under the brand name Bruce – ladder, and been selling in cooperation with Ingenasa a Madrid – based business development of Applied Biotechnology to the areas of animal or human health or of food safety..