And Europe, calling the NEJM study flawed, based on the authors poor embryo biopsy technique, the failure of the test in a large %age of the embryos, and the exclusion of two important tests of chromosomes. Santiago Munn? reads: The NEJM study clearly shows that in inexperienced hands embryos during a cell biopsy can be damaged However, it is to be kept in that that may with the right technique and methods, the benefits of PGD also prevails against the risks. .. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Pioneers from the USA and Europe Refute New England Journal of Medicine Articleleading PGD experts issued a rebuttal to an article on preimplantation genetic diagnosis recently in the New England Journal of Medicine that the PID shows claimed any benefit for pregnancy outcome in patients with advanced maternal age .

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2,000 people announced three-year $ 67M imparting HIV / AIDS in Ukraine struggling.

The Global Fund Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has a three-year $ 67,000 grant to fight HIV / AIDS in Ukraine, was of country Deputy Minister of Health Victor Rybchuk announced at a news conference on Thursday, ITAR-TASS Worldservice reports. Rybchuk Rybchuk, is also chairman of the Ukrainian National Council on HIV / AIDS, the amount awarded is the amount of the subsidy begged Ukraine (ITAR-TASS World Service, Ukraine, which accommodated recorded AIDS cases, begins the money, October. Currently, 2,000 people by AIDS in the country the the treatment (to Interfax..