Possible possible other kinds of cells within this framework to detect additional types of pathogens, Bhunia said.. Another advantage of the technique is its mobility and flexibility, said Bhunia. The multi-well plates and their contents of gel – suspended mammalian cells could in a central location in a central location. If desired, the plates could then be transported to the test site, such as a food processing plant, An exact calculation could take the place, he said. – This technology tests for bacteria and toxins attack the cell membranes. For this reason, researchers used cells with high levels of alkaline phosphatase, releasing the signaling message to chemical damage of the cell membrane.

When a large amount of pathogen is present, you can literally see the color change that unfold before your eyes, said Banerjee.The suspension of live mammalian cells in a collagen gel is unique, according to the researchers. – This is the first time anyone has caught this kind of cells alive in a collagen framework, Bhunia said.

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