Ladies get mammograms interpreted by general radiologists who interpret mammograms as just a small percent of their practice. Many mammograms are carried out to screen women with no symptoms for breast cancers. Previous research has shown that radiologists vary broadly in how they read such screening mammograms. This new study is the largest to examine what predicts variability in diagnostic mammograms. Miglioretti’s coauthors included colleagues at Group Health; Harborview Medical Center; University of Washington; University of California, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA; and Oregon Health & Technology University..The work hinges on a discovered protein called Apobec3G, which has been producing some buzz in the scientific community because of its potential in shedding light on the genetic mechanisms of HIV prevention. The protein defends cells from HIV an infection by leading to mutations in the genetic material within the virus. In response, HIV creates a proteins that binds to Apobec3G and targets it for destruction. Such conflicts, dubbed ‘genetic arms races often,’ typically put pressure on both sparring companions to continually evolve new methods to outsmart and overcome each other just to stay static in the game.