He stressed the need for the part of pharmaceutical companies and called on successful businessmen to invest in the development of medicines and the visit a vaccine against AIDS. Mikhail Zurabov, Minister of Social and Wellness Development, said that a lot more than 300,000 people, a minor figure, are registered as AIDS-affected people and around 35 officially,000 people are ill with Supports Russia, hook decrease from statistics in previous years. He says the level of the problem remains quite serious.. AIDS threatens Russian social and economic security At a gathering this week on the battle with AIDS, Russian Vice-Premier Alexander Zhukov stated the AIDS epidemic threatens Russian social and economic protection and the pass on of the disease is no longer just a medical problem.Within half of a full year you could have a beach body to kill for. If you would like, work for it. Announced today that results of its Phase 1 research analyzing the pharmacokinetics of its oral transmucosal NanoTab formulation of sufentanil will end up being featured in two oral presentations at the forthcoming American Culture of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Dr. Pamela Palmer, Chief Medical Officer of AcelRx, will present in the following sessions. Abstracts can be found through the American Culture of Anesthesiologists site.