Vamvakides provides spent 30 years in study, concentrating on the therapeutic and pharmacological areas of nootropes, anti-neurodegenerative , anti-epileptic, prototype and anti-depressive molecules. The author of more than 80 published scientific papers, he spent some time working at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale in Paris, France, University of Athens , Ciba-Geigy , Sanofi and many other European study labs for the discovery and advancement of new ideas in the therapeutic areas of CNS, and anti-inflammatory diseases oncology. Dr. Vamvakides holds a M.Sc.As part of its continuing efforts, the association also announced a number of meetings this year 2010 that will gather the leaders of health care delivery systems to teach medical group leaders on how to develop, operate, and maintain high performing ACOs. The meetings will concentrate on physician-led, patient-centered ACOs and exceed the theoretical by bringing together actual case studies offered by the medical group leaders with first hand knowledge in providing accountable care to their patients.