‘Choosing to make this purchase in AMICAS’ technology in this uncertain time will give Washington Radiology Associates a strategic benefit over the coming a few months and years. The majority of people experience loss of near vision, or presbyopia, as they age. The KAMRA corneal inlay is designed to only permit focused light rays to enter the optical eyes, allowing patients to see near and intermediate objects more without glasses clearly. Patients who have this process are once more seeing details such as undergone mobile devices, labels, and period on a wristwatch easily.Robert Martin II, director of surgical oncology at the University of Louisville. Surgeons can use the brief electrical bursts to kill cancerous cells in delicate areas without destroying noncancerous tissue nearby, such as nerves. The electric bursts make long term holes, or pores, in the cells, killing them eventually, the researchers said. The procedure is called irreversible electroporation, or IRE. However, Martin said the next phase for his team is to test the treatment in a clinical trial with a larger group of patients. The people in the current study all had a pancreatic tumor that had extended into nearby organs, making complete surgical removal difficult. The zapping technique is intended to corral the malignancy cells and extend the patient’s survival. One pancreatic cancer expert called the approach another potential treatment opportunity.