In collaboration with Kermit Lancia and Murray Darville, both of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Colleagues and Merchant collected blood samples from American alligators. Then they isolated disease-fighting white bloodstream cells and extracted the active proteins from those cells. In laboratory tests, small amounts of these protein extracts killed a wide range of bacteria, including MRSA , the deadly bacteria that are moving out of healthcare settings and in to the grouped community. Related StoriesNew medical chemistry analyzer released by EKF at Medica 2015Rapid, award winning diagnostic lab tests to be offered at MEDICAAmputation isn’t wound healingThe proteins also killed six out of eight different strains of Candida albicans, the researchers say.A panel of six emotional research scientists examined 13 proposals and also selected two various other demonstrations for the showcase: an interactive home energy-use feedback system and a brief job to determine on-the-job fatigue associated with sleep loss. Imagine losing your feeling of sight and being able to ‘see’ instead together with your ears, stated Michael Proulx, PhD, of Queen Mary University in presenter and London of the vOICe demonstration. Proulx will show how the vOICe maps visible images to audio and provides blindfolded users with a sense of what an object is and where it is located. This reveals that although we believe we see with this eyes, sight takes place in the mind actually.