We identify power and good health with the health of the hairs. Hairs possess quite a strong effect on our society. We get attracted to the contrary sex and good locks is a factor. Men will get drawn to woman with lengthy and strong hair. Women too want men with thick hairs. That is why we have so many cosmetic products which cleanses and nourishes the hair. As lion gets respect by his wonderful mane Just, so we get respect if we’ve healthy hairs. Among the reasons as to why we are shedding hairs at a young age is basically because constant stress. Most of us live sophisticated lifestyles but deep inside we are stressed by stiff competition and inflation prices, loans and mortgages.The EU-GEI project This multidisciplinary project, involving a lot more than 7,500 patients and their own families from 15 countries, may be the largest work to date to find gene-environment interactions underlying schizophrenia risk. It really is designed to focus on the effects of gene-environment interactions on mind pathways and psychological vulnerability, and to elucidate how delicate, but measurable, behavioural expressions of vulnerability for psychotic disorder are mediated by cerebral and mental pathways. Follow-up study in the project is expected to establish why, in a few individuals, expression of vulnerability shall never improvement to overt illness, while in others, schizophrenia will manifest in clinical expression.