All the women, except for a, could no without a caesarean section, and although 50 percent of them have diabetes during pregnancy and is was a decrease in lung function throughout the year the pregnancy, all the mothers has remained healthy. The babies were born an average of at about 37 weeks, with just four babies with low birth weight babies below 2500 g . There was no child to extremely low birth weight . Five babies been breastfed. All the children the age of 10 years of one month are healthy. ICSI said, ‘too Results of our study be is good news for female with cystic fibrosis because they know that PROD is a promising option for it and does not increase risk by health problems or death either themselves or their children had been to show. Moreover, the possibility of ROUTE on this growing population young adults to for to be a positive effect on the quality life through the satisfaction of their desires, their parents. These women much consideration order their desire for a child and full of fully support their family All these considerations are equally true for infertile male with CF who also call KIND, usually via ICSI, to having children ‘.