‘AirStrip OB improves patient safety by strengthening communication and usage of vital patient data,’ said AirStrip Systems President and CMO Dr. Cameron Powell. ‘Our collaboration with Alere enhances our dedication to making certain patient status details is available to physicians anywhere and anytime, using AirStrip’s cutting-edge technology.’.. Alere Health, AirStrip Technology enter fresh collaboration for remote control maternity management Alere Health, LLC, a leader in personal health support solutions , today announced a new collaboration with AirStrip Technologies Inc., a pioneer in mobile medical software development. AirStrip Technologies offers innovative remote individual monitoring applications that deliver vital data directly to cellular devices, including smart mobile phones.A simple in vitro test demonstrated that a 5 % concentration of clove essential oil gave full security against the insects. The researchers believe clove oil may be safer and more economical to prevent chigger episodes than commercially available synthetic chemicals, such as DEET that may have harmful side effects. Likewise, a study at Mahidol University in Thailand uncovered clove oil imparts a high level of safety against mosquitoes. Once the undiluted essential oil was used on the volunteer’s forearm, it provided 100 % repellency for 2-4 hours.