State Attorney General’s Office officials said the settlement is the first in a series expected in the coming months and estimated that the state to recoup more than $ 30 million again. Cuomo said the Attorney General’s Office and the State Inspector General were with local social services, which often have to work identification numbers and the state health several bills several bills in the future to avoid antibiotics list names .

Record-keeping interventions Bed Sores by 70 percent reduce in New Jersey hospitalsA group of 150 New Jersey hospitals, nursing homes and health care agencies, the number of patients with pressure ulcers by 70 percent , thanks mainly low-tech interventions According a study by the New Jersey Hospital Association, the New York Times reports, performed. The study found that the initiative patients with patients with bedsores – caused by unrelieved pressure or friction on the skin – from 18 percent in September 2005 to 5 percent in May 2007. In addition, 48 of the institutions reported that none of their patients had a decubitus in the first quarter of this year. To reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers, performed participating institutions a skin evaluation on each patient admitted within eight hours.

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