It randomized 323 individuals with low HDL and heart disease who had a target bloodstream vessel for imaging with less than 50 percent stenosis. All sufferers received treatment with either atorvastatin 10-40 mg daily or rosuvastatin 5-20 mg daily through the study and were also randomized to receive either RVX-208 100 mg or placebo twice daily for 26 weeks. The primary and secondary outcomes of the analysis were change from baseline in % atheroma quantity and normalized total atheroma , both measures of the amount of plaque within the coronary artery.Vaccine recommendations and other important healthcare decisions that influence our nation’s children are generally predicated on ulterior motives. Protection and protection aren’t top priorities always. Instead, authorities may be influenced by monetary considerations or the urge to manipulate undesirable study results. For example, in June of 2000, two separate yet highly significant occasions rocked the vaccine sector: Event #1: Congress held a hearing to determine if the complete procedure [of licensing and recommending vaccines] provides been polluted and the public trust has been violated.