Affymax asserts that Hematide will not infringe the claimed methods described in the ‘078 patent.. Affymax receives arbitration panel decision linked to dispute against JNJ subsidiaries Affymax, Inc. today announced that it has received a decision from the arbitration panel reviewing its dispute against certain subsidiaries of Johnson and Johnson . The panel has motivated that Affymax and JNJ are co-owners of certain intellectual property, including U.S. Patent quantities 5,773,569, 5,830,851, 5,986,047, among others linked to erythropoietin receptor agonists.Furthermore, we cannot exclude the chance that individual patients might benefit from personalized prescriptions. We did not use a prespecified creatinine clearance to trigger the cessation of therapy, since this is not standard practice in the scholarly study centers. Accordingly, we utilized cessation of renal-replacement unit therapy as a clinically relevant way of measuring the recovery of kidney function. The higher frequency of morning hours hypophosphatemia in the higher-strength treatment group is consistent with the improved phosphate losses that might be expected with more intense treatment and was likewise mentioned in the Acute Renal Failing Trial Network Study.9 In countries where constant renal-replacement therapy is currently the preferred form of renal-replacement therapy in the ICU, our research has implications for clinical practice.