About atrial fibrillationatrial fibrillation is an irregular quivering or rapid heart rhythm in the upper chambers of the heart tadalafil generic 20mg . AF is the most common heart rhythm condition, in approximately three million Americans and seven million people worldwide.1 Untreated patients with atrial fibrillation a two-to a two-to stroke.2 seven times higher risk of atrial fibrillation causes inefficient pumping of the heart and can communicate with other leading cardiac arrhythmia, including chronic fatigue and congestive heart failure. Half of the patients with atrial fibrillation, the treatment are non-responsive to drug therapy, potential candidates potential candidates for ablation therapy. ;; Millennium Research Report, Global Markets for Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Devices 2008 , March 2008 2004, 1385-1394. The new program aims to 1 Begin in June 2009, is initially available to more than 66,000 people. percent 2.

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