This is the 1st Irish medical devices firm to receive the Ruban d’Honneur. Aerogen is an innovative medical device and drug delivery business specialising in the look, manufacture and marketing of aerosol medication delivery systems, aimed predominately at the critical care respiratory market. Aerogen employs 40 people from its Irish facility, and its top quality nebuliser items are today used in acute care facilities in 65 countries across the world.Hinduism provides three principal theistic traditions founded on anthropomorphic gods. Vishnu is certainly a loving god incarnated as Krishna; Shiva is both defensive and destructive and Brahma is the creator. Saktism is a kind of worship dedicated to the feminine companions of Vishnu and Shiva. Hindu’s venerate all types of life, however the most sacred pet to Hindus is the cow. Hindu worship revolves around a person’s and a family’s devotion to a specific ‘favourite’ god or group of gods. The action of worship is carried out at a shrine, which can be at home or in public communally. There are many places of pilgrimage including the Ganges in northern India.