This one-year award of $50,000 supports a laboratory/basic science project and is selected by the AOSSM Analysis Committee. 2013 AOSSM/ConMed Linvatec Research Mentoring Program AOSSM initiated a research mentoring program in 2012 that may bring together individuals who have shown scientific guarantee at an early stage of their professions with senior clinician-scientists who have highly successful research programs. The first class of award winners consist of mentee Alfred Atanda MD with mentor Mininder Kocher MD, MPH , mentee Cory Edgar MD, PhD with mentor Kurt Spindler MD , and mentee Joseph DeAngelis MD with mentor Warren Dunn MD, MPH .The white-cell count, C-reactive protein level, and temp were analyzed longitudinally by using mixed-effects models. Stata software, version 11, was used for data analyses. Based on the MIST1 trial,9 we assumed that the area of pleural opacity 1 week after randomization will be halved in 50 percent of patients receiving double placebo. Therefore, our study was driven to determine whether intrapleural DNase or t-PA therapy could raise the proportion of patients who had a 50 percent decrease in the area of opacity, from 50 percent of patients to 70 percent.