Flavin, Chief Executive Officer. Conventional antibiotic methods are proving to be ineffective against drug-resistant strains of gonorrhea, hence increasing the urgent need for fresh antibiotic interventions to combat this growing global open public health threat. Restanza’s wide activity against community-acquired, bioterror and additional bacterial pathogens make it an ideal candidate for government-supported development. We look forward to partnering with the government to handle this important health challenge.Hormones possess a large function to play in the forming of acne, but it is simple to misunderstand this as the body producing way too many hormones. In one pimples clinic held at a top Leeds centre for pimples research, all patients attending that day’s clinic were asked to provide a blood sample, that was analysed for hormone levels later on. There is no significant increase in male hormones in these patients, which suggested that it’s therefore sensitivity to male hormones present in normal levels in your skin that is at fault.