It appears from our research that administering vitamin K2 may help individuals with Parkinson’s. However, more work must be done to understand this better, says Patrik Verstreken. Malfunctioning power plants are at the basis of Parkinson’s. If we viewed cells as small factories, then mitochondria will be the power plants in charge of supplying the energy because of their operation. In Parkinson’s patients, the experience of mitochondria and the transport of electrons have been disrupted, leading to the mitochondria zero producing sufficient energy intended for the cell longer.And fatty seafood like sardines and salmon which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Yoghurt, chicken, milk products, coffee beans etc. Which are saturated in proteins also help nourish hair’s proteins molecule keratin. Foods with Supplement zinc and B7 like eggs, milk products, cereals and lobsters help promote hair regrowth and beat hair loss respectively also. 2. Drinking plenty of water: This advice holds water when it comes to getting better skin and hair. Hair follicles can’t grow and flourish if the body isn’t hydrated more than enough. Hence, ideally you should have about 8 glasses of water in the day and 5 more during summers. 3. Avoid caffeinated beverages: Drinks such as for example coffee, tea, sodas etc. Dehydrate the physical body and cause water imbalance.